This is what we do with strong attention to detail


We launch, monitor and track display,rich media and mobile campaigns as well as video integrations using multiple ad servers technologies. Support direct, third party and programmatic advertising campaigns.

Campaign creation, placement targeting according to IO or ad product definition – work closely with sales teams
Monitoring and publishing campaign pacing reporting.
Review incoming requests for proposals (RFPs) and recommend optimal targeting solutions
Creative review and tracking (images, SWF, rich media,3rd party tags, XML, VAST/VPAID).
Campaign troubleshooting pre, during and post launch
HTML, JS and SQL code analyzing
Creation of publisher-side and advertiser-side ad tags
Recognizing, analyzing and quickly solving discrepancies between ad servers


We execute and oversee day-to-day yield management across all campaigns, demand and supply sources, including performance monitoring, identifying and implementing enhancements, issue identification and escalation.

Alert in real-time to any changes in campaigns delivery, fill rates, and ad CPM.
Participation in client campaign kick-off calls to outline ad tracking requirements and deliverable
Handle yield management, optimization, business development support, billing and discrepancies
Monitoring and optimizing multiple campaign executions to ensure campaigns are launching and delivering on schedule
Reviewing ad performance relative to campaign objectives to provide optimization recommendations and increase performance
Highly attentive to any changes in ad performance which will affect revenue
create reports; identify areas for improvement. constantly optimize the overall ad operation process in order to maximize revenue
Meet the advertising goals of each client by tracking and analyzing campaign performance

Consulting & support

We work on maintain awareness of industry trends by increasing knowledge of new technologies, advertiser demands and advise on best practices for campaign delivery, workflow improvement and support.

Evaluate, onboard and manage advertising technologies to meet the requirements of the company needs
Recommend of new advertising products, special units and custom / integrated programs
Identify and recommend solutions to help streamline pre and post-sales process for campaign execution
Develop and use necessary training materials and programs for ad operations teams
Create and maintain reporting, forecasting models, dashboards and other analysis tools
Maintain a comprehensive understanding of available advertising programs, information and resources
Ad server technical support

Implementations & Integrations

We manage ad servers and platforms implementation projects. Feature enhancements and recommendations for publishers and networks including SSP, DSP, and RTB.

Implement methods of tracking team member performance and process where needed (new systems, etc.)
Initiate, organize and advance direct, server-to-server, and real time data pass-back integrations
Define and manage product requirements for new ad products or major enhancements to existing ad products
Identify opportunities to implement solutions that increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of the company
Development of tools, process and reports related to adops and